Cakeballs……ohhhh my!

So what else was I up to during my writing hiatus? I was starting my own small business.

WHAT!!!!! I know, that is the reaction of most people that actually know me as well.

What is it you ask? Well, it involves one of my favorite things to consume other than wine, pizza, steak, pasta, ice cream and most all other foods and drinks.

Cakeballs. NO NOT Cakepops……Cakeballs.

They are NOT the nasty balls of cooked cake coated in chalky candy melts and almost impossible to eat while looking happy about it. NO! I make Cakeballs. Scrumptious balls of cake, mixed with icing and dipped in almond bark chocolate. Rich luscious bites of heaven that are so sinfully good that I had to share them with the general public……for a price.

I was groping for something to do that might actually be both fun and have the potential to make money. Naturally surrounding myself with cake seemed like the best decision ever. I had been making these treats for the family as Christmas gifts for about five years so it was something familiar and enjoyed. Of course I had only ever made one flavor before, chocolate. For a business there would have to be more flavors for people to enjoy and pay for.

So I started making more flavors and told our friends about my idea and ended up with my first sale. I then realized that I needed boxes to deliver my treats in, business cards with my info, a Facebook page and email address in order to advertise. Wow, actual work involved……business type work and I just wanted to bake cake.

Well, I started this business last April and then had to kinda put it on the back-burner because of my commitment to PTO HELL. I did okay and attended some events as a vendor to get my name out there. I ended up pushing my limits a couple of times as I continued, like the order for 32 dozen for Christmas from just one customer. Yep…..along with my other twenty dozen ordered by customers that made a whopping total of 52 dozen cakeballs, which for you slow mathers out there that is 624 individual cakeballs. I did it and everyone was happy with their orders, but by that time I was just happy to be finished for the year.

I am now officially 19 months into my new business and it is actually looking good. I am going very slowly in growth aspect and trying not to push for too much too soon. I do my baking work during the hours when my kids are in school and after they are in bed for the night. I am slowing making a name for myself and have started being recognized as the “Cakeball Lady”.

I am now in the midst of preparing my holiday orders for this year and working around my family’s own holiday plans. Stress is minimal but being managed quite well with my hubby’s homemade wine, which is another blog posting in the works. Now I will leave you with some mouthwatering pictures of my unique treats and let you dream and drool….



Hello from the tail-end of PTO HELL!

Hello friends and 5 fans. I have been gone a very long time from writing my thoughts for everyone in the entire world that is incredibly bored to read. I have been busy in my “real” life. I am sure that you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about the wonderful and amazingly awesome things that have kept me away from you for so long, but really it is pretty boring stuff. I will give you a quick teaser and then leave you begging me for more.

I made the incredibly smart decision to join my school’s elementary PTO. Of course, I then got roped into agreeing to be a member of the board……which ended up consisting of me, one other parent and two very non-helpful teacher representatives. So the other parent, who is a super good friend, and I ended up being the President, V.P, Secretary and Treasurer for last year. I am pretty positive that I started gaining weight the night of that first meeting! Not kidding, by the end of the school year I had gained 15 pounds all due to stress……and an increased wine intake.

It was a miserable and stressful year regarding that commitment since after about two months of the year the other parent got a day job which left me as the only person with no “Day Job” to keep me from doing ALL the shopping, running, emails, Facebook postings, scheduling and etc for all the PTO run events.

Anyway, that was one of the 2 major time commitments that occurred last year. I am sure that I will be writing some more posts about in the near future. But for now, I must go to sleep. I am now old and decrepit with achy bones and must have sleep to rejuvenate back into morning mommy.

Glad to be back, but please be patient with me as I find my writing groove again….I am rusty. Til then just gnaw on your fingernails in avid anticipation for my next oh so interesting post!